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Alexiss Monroe Anal Revenge – booty gif

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Johnny Sins might be a shot caller and money maker, but no matter who you are, getting on your woman’s bad side is not a smart move. Alexis Monroe was getting pretty sick and tired of catching him hooking up with other women, and when she confronted him on it, he told her to hit the road. Alexis was devastated, and decided it was time to get a little revenge. And hey, if she could get some action in the process, even better. Alexis asked Johnny to meet her out in the desert, where she suggested he fuck her ass once more for old times’ sake. She deepthroated his fat cock until he was hard as a rock, and then she spread her gorgeous ass cheeks so that Johnny could slide his massive member deep into her tight little asshole. He fucked her hard and gave her a nice gooey facial, but that was all just part of Alexis’s plan!

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